Daniele Garlando
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Daniele Garlando


My name is Daniele Garlando international trading and wellness coach. Professional trainer, I started my career back in 2000, at Fiat in Turin.

Director of the “Mindset for Success” course and head of the German web and marketing consultancy company “GarlandoWeg”, with which I have taken care of the image of some important publications and leading figures in politics, sport and finance over the years and culture.


Formed and active since 2005 in the field of Psychology, after the successes obtained in training throughout Europe both in “financial wellness” and in my schools in hypnosis, meditation and well-being, I also achieved success in Italy, with the course “Trading for Living “(2018), the numerous tours in which I participated and the Expert Advisor, responsible for creation and placing on the market, which represented the most important commercial success in trading, in the last two-year period 2018-2019


In 2019 I decided to dedicate myself completely to Trading training, I saw more and more people asking me for help, and it was there that the idea of software and the Dml Robot community was born to ensure that I could carry on my “philosophy” and main goal that is “simply helping people to make their dreams come true”