True Richness
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True Richness


True Richness, the first course in Europe to learn how to make trading your job, created to give everyone the opportunity to learn trading, using a psychological approach to success and building a fulfilling life. The offer includes:

  • 1 Trading course (from neophyte to market expert) with attached performance psychology.
  • 40 modules with video lessons accessible at any time, and forever!
  • 150 days together that will change your life radically and for BETTER
    varied didactic material, with final exam of the course and a lot of release of completed certificate of study.

You know when EVERYONE BELIEVES that we are condemned to this life of difficulty, but you are going mad inside, because you believe that this is not the case and you want to look for something more to satisfy your being and make
happy are the people next to you?

We believe that to achieve any result, to believe and realize your dream, the only thing to do is to build a WINNING mentality from the very beginning.


ALSO for you who will enroll before the start of the courses, our software is FREE, our DML robot, which, as we promised, will allow you to be profitable on the marked immediately.

STUDY AND EARN AT THE SAME TIME, and being that we are not scoundrels and we keep our promises, as a FREE FOR YOU, the tool that gave 96% of PROFIT indications, which purchased individually has a higher cost than the school itself, FREE FOR YOU NEW STUDENT … AND I DISCOURAGE YOU, BELIEVE ME, this is a crazy thing that we are offering you, but we are doing it because as mentioned we want to share, being that for us it is an important point of True Wealth


  • Operating Bases, with the aim of bringing anyone, even the neophyte (or rather, the intelligent person who approaches this matter with respect and without presumption), to learn everything there is to know.
  • Even if you start from scratch and have never seen a chart in your life.
  • To experience trading with professionalism; up to the 360-degree Professional Approach (Introduction to Trading and Markets, Psychology, Money Management), With the SECRETS of “my” Trading “SERENE”: Multiday, Emotional Management, Automation.


Learning what – in our opinion – is the real key to an important serene success in this field: acquiring serenity and inner strength, and then the entrepreneurial mentality, to learn how to create, starting from trading, a successful business 360 degrees.

So whatever your ambition, of an extra income rather than making it a profession, we will be delighted to accompany you from 0 to profitable on the markets.


  • Your personal and secure account within our official website, where you will access all the content and can count on our 24/7 technical support
  • 40 progressive unlock modules (the first completely online SCHOOL of Trading and financial well-being, from a to z)
  • 40 hours of online classroom
  • Every week, 1 LIVE COACHING, our reserved groups and channels, to immediately operate on the markets together: ONLY for our members
    The opportunity to dialogue directly and together;
  • A lot of extra material and advice, which you will find step by step, to facilitate your journey as much as possible (from opening and managing a “reliable” account, to all the technical support you may need)